A roof top unit being worked on during a periodic seasonal check-up maintenance

Commercial System Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner has the benefit of minimizing energy costs, and a tune-up will make your air conditioner run more efficiently. A faulty air conditioner requires more energy to produce the desired effect and having your AC serviced at least once a year can help with reducing that inefficiency. Air conditioners that receive regular tune-ups maintain about 95% of their efficiency throughout their lifespans. That means they use less energy, which translates into saving you money on your energy bill.

Detect And Make Repairs Early

Early air conditioning service is a preventative measure and includes a full inspection of the inside and outside portions of the system. A small issue may not present a lot of symptoms early in the season since the AC is not working as hard.  It’s most likely to act up as your air conditioner is working its hardest, in the middle of a hot day in summer.  Getting an inspection early in the season helps you find out if there are looming problems and you can schedule service to get it under control right away. That means you won’t have to deal with it later during the summer when you need and want it the most.

Prevent Future Repairs

In addition, an air conditioning service appointment includes several additional steps to help prevent repairs from occurring in the future. Your air conditioner receives a tune-up that may involve making some minor changes to the system. The small changes help the air conditioner to run more smoothly and reduce the wear and tear on it.  Preventative maintenance will also prevent the AC from needing repairs in the first place.

Increase Your Systems Lifespan

Preventative maintenance helps to increase its lifespan. An AC unit that should be replaced in 10 years can work for a longer time if it is properly maintained. This means savings for you and less stress in thinking about where and how to buy a new one.

Make Your Home & Office More Comfortable

An air-conditioned home or office feels much better when the weather is hot. Apart from providing the comfort you need, it has the added advantage of preventing dust and dirt from entering your home or office because you have to open the windows. These particles are responsible for low indoor air quality.

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