How Much Does AC Installation and Replacement Cost?

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Air conditioner installations for a typical American home cost anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000. However, the cost varies depending on your local climate and home’s cooling needs. Depending on the company you decide to work with, these prices can fluctuate tremendously.

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Understanding the Hidden Costs

Your initial AC installation estimate may include certain hidden costs that you may need to factor in. Therefore, it’s important to ask your contractor whether these additional costs are included in the initial estimate they provide you.

For instance, in case you decide to install a new furnace with your AC unit, you need to be sure about the total cost of the project when consulting with your contractor. Some of the common AC installation and replacement costs that may be added to your project include:

  • Whether you’ll need a permit for the project from the state building department
  • The cost of stripping an existing HVAC system
  • The cost of testing, removing or replacing any asbestos material in your building
  • The cost of upgrading any current paired systems to ensure they’re up to code.

When working with a reliable AC installation and replacement service provider, you may get an opportunity to benefit from a 0% interest in financing for 60 months. That’ll significantly reduce the overall AC installation and replacement cost.

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