How To Tell If Your Home’s AC Compressor is Bad

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One of the most important parts of your home’s AC, the air compressor also takes the most abuse. The constant wear and tear can, unfortunately, make it go bad quickly.

This, in turn, would impact its ability to keep your home cool and your family comfortable. Knowing the signs of a bad air compressor will help you know when to call an AC repair company.

In this post, we determine how to tell if home ac compressor is bad and how to detect issues before your AC fails.

How To Tell If Your Home's AC Compressor is Bad

Listen for Irregular Noises

A faulty compressor that’s failing or completely failed will struggle to turn on when your AC starts.

That struggling can cause odd noises that you usually wouldn’t hear if all were working well. A grinding noise, for example, can mean that the bearings are loose. Squealing noises are the result of bearings that are leaking.

If you hear any noise that sounds odd or out of place, it likely means that your compressor needs to be repaired or replaced.

Your Home Is Getting Hotter

One of the easiest ways to know that your AC compressor is bad is that your home gets hotter.

If you always keep the AC at a certain temperature that’s comfortable, and now it’s not, that’s a bad sign. Another bad sign is weak airflow. Put your hand up to a vent and feel the air that’s coming out. If it’s either weak or not as cold as it is typically, your AC compressor is likely going bad.

Calling an AC repair company should be your next move before your house gets as hot as an oven.

Your AC Unit is Leaking

Any leak from your AC is a sign of problems. The leak could be water due to dirty or clogged compressor coils. It could also be freon, which is toxic and shouldn’t be touched. Both are serious problems that can only be fixed by an AC repair company. Both leaks could cause your AC unit to break down completely, which could cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

Call The Experts

If you believe that your AC’s compressor is bad or going bad, your best bet is to call the AC repair experts, Texas Air Repair. They can diagnose the problem, tell you precisely what’s wrong, and repair or replace it correctly.

Don’t let your AC struggle while your energy bills double. Call the AC repair experts at Texas Air Repair today, or leave your name and contact info below. One of their friendly reps will get back to you right away.

Henry Rodriguez

Henry Rodriguez

Henry Rodriguez is the owner of Texas Air Repair with physical locations in San Antonio and Houston.

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